Monday, 7 November 2011

Working for Others

Once there lived an old farmer in a small village. One morning the old farmer was busy digging holes and planting young mango trees. The king Nowsherwan passed that way. He watched the old farmer at his work. He stopped there for a few minutes. The he said to the old man.

King:        How old are you?
Old man:  Sir, I am eighty five (85) years old.
King:        How long do you think you will live?
Old man:  "Sir, that is in the hands of God."
King:        "How long will it be before these young trees give fruits?"
Old man:  "Sir, it may take as long as ten

King:        "Ten years! that is a long period. You must be a fool."
Old man:  (In a low voice). "Why, my lord"?
King:        "You will hardly live two or three years more. But, these trees will bear fruits. after ten years. You are taking the trouble to plant these tree, the fruit of which you can never eat."
Old man:  "not such a fool, my lord. I have eaten the fruit of those trees planted by my father and his father before him. In my return, I should plant trees to bear fruit for my sons and grand sons."
King:         "Good; very good. You have taught me a good lesson." The king gave the old man two hundred gold coins.
Old man:  (who was very pleased). "My lord. I have got golden fruit of my trees on the very day they are planted."
                   The king was still more pleased and gave the old man another handful of gold coins from his purse.

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