Monday, 7 November 2011

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

In the holy city of Makkah the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was born to a poor but noble family in about AD 570. His father, Hazrat Abdullah, died a little before the birth of the Prophet and he was brought up by his mother, Bibi Amina, and wet mother Dai Haleema. His mother died when he was six years old and then he was in the care of his grandfather, Hazrat Abdul Muttalib. After the death of his grandfather two years later, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was put in the care of his uncle, Hazrat Abu Talib.

Roza-e-Mubarik of  Muhammad

At the age of about 25, he joined a camel caravan owned by a wealthy widow named Khadijah whom he later married. Although Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) continued to work as a merchant for several years, he began to spend more and more time meditating alone in the cave Ghar-e-Hira, thinking about God. When he was about 40, God called him to be a prophet, just as Hazrat Musa (AS), Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), Hazrat Daud (AS) and
Hazrat Isa (AS) had been. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was the last of the prophets.

For the next twenty-three years, more and more commands and messages came from God. These verses were later compiled  in one volume, the Quran.

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