Friday, 4 November 2011

The Universe

The Universe
The Hubble Telescope
God almighty has created this earth, the moon, the sun, planets and millions of stars through his "will" that we call as by the name of "nature". He has created all these gigantic objects for our sevice so that we (the naking) may fulfil our needs and recognise the creator through the faculties of our thinking and reaoning. OUr world is only a tiny speck in the huge Universe. On a clear night one can see countless bright objects twinkling in the sky. Many of them give out light and heat like the sun. There are others like the earth and the moon, which have no light of their own. They only reflect the rays of the sun falling on them. How ever of all the objects in the Universe, we are mainly concerned with the sun, the earth, the moon and the planets. These objects are the
part of the system which is generally called as "the solar system". In the Universe it is one of many other system.

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