Monday, 7 November 2011

Honesty Always Pays

Aftab was the son of a poor father. His father was an honest man. He sent Aftab to school and advised him to work hard. He worked very hard. He was a good student. His teachers taught him with love. He passed hi matriculation Examination, securing very good marks. As his father was poor, he could not send him to college. Aftab looked for a job. He went to the manager of a factory. The manager found him intelligent and respectful. He gave him a job of a clerk in his office. Aftab worked very hard at the factory. His father advised him to work hard and be honest. The manager was very pleased with his work. Aftab continued to study after office hours. He passed his Intermediate examination securing high marks. He was promoted as cashier. He continued his studies. He did his B.A. and was promoted 
as accountant.

 One day the manager decided to test Aftab's honesty. He sent one of his trust worthy men to him. The man offered to pay a large sum of money to Aftab if he could pass bogus bills. Aftab refused to do so and turned him out of his office. The man went back and told the manager. The manager told the owner of the factory. The owner was also very pleased with Aftab and gave him a big rise in pay.
The owner of the factory was an old man. He had a daughter only. He decided to make Aftab his son-in-law.
The owner of the factory made him the manager of a new factory. After the death of his father-in-law, Aftab became the Managing Director of both the factories. He became one of the richest men. All this was the reward of his honesty. 

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